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      Prepainted Galvalume Coil is made by the application of a paint, powder or film coating in a continuous process prior to it being cut and shaped. It provides a durable uniform surface finish, and can be an alternative to conventional post-manufacture painting of steel parts. The coil is coated on one or both sides. Rolls apply a primer firstly, followed by a topcoat to the moving steel strip. The substrate is cold reduced Galvalume Coil.

      Supplying quality PPGL is something we take very seriously. We are first very strict about the Galvalume Steel base material our Prepainted Steel Mills use, making sure you get every gram of aluzinc you pay for. From there we work our way up to ensure you receive the best quality PPGL every time. Check our Steel Articles under the NEWS tab for our article about buying prepainted China Steel.

      Contact Us if you have any questions about the quality of our PPGL and the mills we use, which you can find on our Steel Mills page. Alternatively you can get a Quick Quote now for the latest Steel Prices.

      Typical size range:

      0.18 – 1.5mm Thick

      600 – 1500mm Wide

      Paint coating:

      25+5microns top side

      5~7 microns bottom side

      Alu-Zinc coating:50 to 180g/sqm
      Colour system:RAL
      Category of painting:PE; HDP; SMP; PVDF
      Available specifications:

      EN 10326-2004

      EN 10327-2004

      JIS G3312-1994

      ASTM A653-02a

      Q/BQB 440-2003

      Steel grades:DX51D+AZ; CGCC; CGCD1; CS type A/B/C; FS Type A/B; TDC51D
      Steel Mills:

      Angang Steel



      Shenheng Steel


      Can't find what you're looking for?

      Apart from PPGL, we are Steel Suppliers of PPGI and an abundance of other Mild Steel products you can easily find from the list on the left.

      Our sales team are happy to answer any questions you have about Prepainted Steel, so please don't hesitate to Contact Us for information and our latest Steel Prices.

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