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      Square Tube

      Square Tubes have very efficient shapes for multiple-axis loading as they have uniform geometric and thus uniform strength characteristics along two or more cross-sectional axes making them good choices for columns. It is used for a range of applications in industrial, construction, automotive, marine, appliance, furniture, and agriculture industries.
      Square Tube Square Tube Square Tube

      Click on Quick Quote to get the latest Steel Prices for our Steel Tube. We supply square steel tubing from top quality Steel Tube Mills. You can check our cooperating mills on the Steel Mills page. Feel free to browse photos of our shipments to South Africa, Kuwait, Guyana and Dubai under Customer Orders on the right.

      Typical size range:

      12 x 12 – 600 x 600 Outer Diameter

      0.45 – 20mm Wall Thickness

      2 – 12m Long

      Available specifications:

      Steel Pipe Specifications

      ASTM A500

      JIS G3466

      EN 10219

      EN 10210

      EN 59410

      Surface treatment options:Anti-rust oil; galvanizing
      Test inspections:Chemical composition, mechanical properties, hydrostatic test, dimensional testing, visual inspection, nondestructive inspection; SGS/BV
      Steel Mills:



      Shenheng Steel

      Xincheng Steel


      Can't find what you're looking for?

      Apart from Square Tube we are Steel Suppliers of other Steel Tube such as Rectangular Tube and Circular Tube. Find this China Steel tube on our Steel Tube page.

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