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      Steel Articles


      Few deals are clinched today in domestic steel market because of the largely increased freight caused by the implement of new Road Traffic Safety Law’s. Although truck drivers are paid more, they are still not willing to continue the transport because of the traffic restriction and mobile inspection. ...

      23 September 2016 01:52
      U.S. Trade Commission Sets Duties on Hot-Rolled Imports
      9/13/2016 - The U.S. International Trade Commission has affirmed anti-dumping and countervailing duties on hot-rolled imports from seven countries.

      In a ruling Monday, the commission agreed that the U.S. industry has been harmed by competing products from Australia, Brazil, Japan, South Korea, ...

      13 September 2016 22:49
      Tangshan production limit notification

      Time: 10th.September


      1.Key industrial enterprises produce at different time.

      2. Unqualified enterprises stop the discharge of pollutant.

      3 .The open-air mining enterprises stop production and management.

      4. Strict emission control of carbon monoxide. ...

      08 September 2016 22:10
      The latest tracking of steel mill about stop & limited production

      G20 is coming. (4th~5th Sep). To give the participants a good environment, G20 air security program has got a response from Shandong, Jiangsu, Anhui, Shanghai and other neighbor areas. As follows:


      1. In Zhejiang province, four steel ...

      02 September 2016 04:05
      New Policy Leads to Capacity Reduction. Large Strick to Tangshan

      The implementation of DE-Capacity policy continues to affect steel market this week. On Wednesday, the list of steel equipment which are supposed to be phased out in Hebei province this year has been published on the internet, accompanied are the mill name, blast furnace equipment and converter equipment. ...

      29 August 2016 21:49
      Chinese welded steel pipe conditions domestically and abroad
      According to the data of China domestic market, the average price of 4" ERW in key cities is around 2687RMB which is 23 yuan higher than yesterday. Prices rise differently in a slight in those key cities: 60 RMB in Tianjin, 50 RMB in Tangshan & Chengdu respectively,  40RMB in Wuhan, 30 ...
      29 July 2016 01:14
      China’s CRC exports fall by nearly half in H1 2016
      Reports from Shanghai, China’s cold rolled coil exports fell by nearly 50% on an annual basis in the first half of this year, with doors almost closed in Europe and the USA due to trade cases. Chinese steel enterprises encountered big hit due to unexpected ...
      22 July 2016 04:23

      2016 July 12th --31st, Tangshan general strengthening measures: 
      1. Mines and construction sites shut down
      2. All coal-fired type rolling mill shut down. 

      13 July 2016 07:31
      Vietnam imports nearly 10 million tons of steel in the first half of the year

      Vietnam's "Economic Times"reported on July 6: The latest data released by Vietnam Steel Association indicatedVietnam imported 9.6 million tons steel and semi-finished steel products in thefirst half of the year, import amount reaching 3.42 billion, of which 60%imported steel are from China. ...

      13 July 2016 07:27
      Chinese exports of steel were a record 8.52m tonnes in September.2014
      Chinese exports of steel were a record 8.52m tonnes last month, an increase of 73 per cent from a year earlier, according to customs data.

      Yet Chinese exports are hard to target because they mostly go to the southeast Asian markets or Mexico from where some of it makes its way to the US, They ...
      27 October 2014 02:49
      US Imported 182,000 Tons of Steel from China in March

      According to US commerce department, America imported 2,920,000 tons of steel in March, 2014. Compared to last month the quantity dropped 2%, to last March, increased 25.2%. From Jan. to Mar. 2014, US import steel accumulated to 8,810,000 tons, up 26.2% than 2013.


      07 May 2014 02:58
      Latest Data Statistics from Ministry of Commerce

      According to the monitoring of ministry of commerce, prices for edible agricultural products and materials in the production circulation decreased slightly last week (Apr.28th to May 4th) in 36 large and medium-sized cities across the country.

      Steel ...

      06 May 2014 04:03
      Latest Trends about Steel from China in 2013

      From an economic development perspective,the fourth quarter of 2012, China's economy has finally emerged tended tostabilize, but the economic stability of the foundation is not strong, isexpected in 2013 or even longer, China's economy will remain stable, comparedwith the fast development momentum. ...

      10 January 2013 18:47
      Steel market situation in China

      Recently, the domestic steel spot market topick up slightly, but the demand side is still a lack of strong support. Theperformance impact of each macro side fundamentals, China steel priceswill be back shock pattern.

      According to ...

      17 December 2012 19:37
      The Latest Information About Steel Plate

      Recently, Baosteel raised the ex-factoryprice . Including hot rolled steel plate, ordinarycold plate prices up 100 yuan / ton, pickling plate, hot galvanized plateprices by 80 yuan / ton, aluminum zinc plate prices ...

      21 November 2012 02:34
      China steel import and export toward the off-season

      The weather turns cold , everyone a languidlook , site procurement also reduces a lot of demand for steel has beenshrinking . And Dongchu steel suppliers trading businessthis year , the enthusiasm was generally weak, Steel City, the turnover ...

      14 November 2012 01:15
      Steel of opportunities and challenges in "Low-profit era"

      After 10 consecutive years of rapiddevelopment, the operating profit is inevitable in the Chinese steel industryupgrade process and must bear. 21st century, 10 years, is a completerestructuring and development of China's steel industry, ...

      05 November 2012 20:33
      The Latest Steel News Reviews from China

      Due to the impact of the 2008 financialcrisis, by certain obstacles to the economic development of the world, but froma global point of view, the economy is slowly getting better, most people arequite optimistic. Various countries have introduced a related program tostimulate economic development, ...

      22 October 2012 18:04
      Top 5 Steel Products From China

      Affected by the relationship between supplyand demand, the steel prices always present fluctuation trends. Especially, intoday's economic instability period, the price of steel shows more performanceout of a lot of variables. China is a big country of the world's steelproduction and consumption, the ...

      07 October 2012 22:57
      Getting Most Comprehensive Steel Information

      The steel industry has hundreds of years history all over the world, following the quick development of high-tech, steel divided into all kinds of styles to satisfy different demands for all sorts of industries. China ...

      18 March 2012 23:11
      PPGI and PPGL: Bogus Prices & Bogus Product

      Article by Richard Marriott

      Unfortunately there are dozens of Chinese suppliers out here who don't give a damn about how much damage they can cause a company by supplying substandard PPGI that ...

      03 February 2012 02:32
      Africa's Vibrant and Emerging Steel Market

      Article by Tonya Tan


      As you may know, there is a good and emerging market in Africa, because the demand of Mild Steel Products is strong for the region’s development, ...

      02 February 2012 22:41
      Australian Demand for High Quality Mild Steel Products

      Article by Vivi Liu

      After about a year of studying and exploring the Australian steel market, I have the following experiences to share : 

      1.     Australia ...

      02 February 2012 22:39
      Galvanized Steel Coils - Making a Fast Delivery Time

      Article by Win Fu

      It is very important to deliver Galvanized Steel Coils on time.

      One of my customers told me this story before: ...

      02 February 2012 22:37
      Thailand Flooding Creates Huge Steel Demand

      Article by Richard Marriott

      Following Thailand’s worst flooding in almost 60 years, with an estimated USD45 billion in damage by the World Bank, the demand for Steel ...

      01 February 2012 20:41